Committee's director of property and revenue. Bachelor No. 1/2559

463 Visitor Create Date : Pitchaya  Supattanas.. Day : 27/11/2016

Prof. Dr. Wichai Rue Det born university rector. As Chairman assistant professor Dr. Chutikan Kan Sriviboon Vice President for Asset and Revenue deputy chairman with Dr. Polchai Chitti Wilailuk, Dr. ecosystem as Thailand rat, Dr. Diamond Yupa perfect tote attracting state, Mr. Tanat Wan. qualified to teach the four friends into your Mr.Thawatchai director of property and revenue. Director and Secretary And Executive Office of assets and income. Attend meetings of the Board Director of property and income. Bachelor No. 1/2559 on Wednesday, March 9, 2559 at 13.00 hrs., At Learning Service Plaza Phase2 second floor (kitchen waterfront) university.